Ageless After Dinner Manhattan

Ageless After Dinner Manhattan

Manhattans are a sexy drink that can be enjoyed straight up or on the rocks.  I personally enjoy them stirred and never shaken with one large whisky ice cube to melt slowly and seductively to enjoy the complexity of our Bar-Tonic Black Walnut Fig Bitter. Yes, size does matter with the ice cube.  Make it count with one large cube!


  • 2 oz.  Eagle Rare more for smooth and easy after dinner dessert or Four Roses Small Batch for a little bite pre- dinner casual affair
  •  ½ oz. Sweet Vermouth
  • ¼ oz. Heering Cherry Liquor
  • ~1 ml. Bar-Tonic Black Walnut & Fig Bitter
  • 1 Turbinado sugar cube
  • Garnish Luxardo Cherry (soaked in vermouth to rinse off syrup)


  1. Add turbinado sugar cube to the bar mixing glass pitcher, drop 1 ml of Bar-Tonics Black Walnut & Fig Bitters on the sugar cube, add ¼ oz. Heering Cherry liqueur and muddle sugar cube.
  2. Add ½ oz sweet vermouth, 2 oz. Eagle Rare Bourbon (or Four Roses Small Batch) and stir for 30 seconds.
  3. Prep a double Old-Fashioned glass with one large whisky ice cube, add 8 drops of Bar-Tonics Black Walnut & Fig Bitter to the top of the ice cube.
  4. Pour mixed cocktail in the glass over the ice cube, garnish with a Luxardo cherry with the syrup rinsed (with vermouth or bourbon)
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