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Ageless Apothecary

Black Walnut & Fig Bitters

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Rich, dark and complex! This lovely bitter will have you craving for more and gives your recipes classic warmth depth with a velvety chewy texture to balance a wide range of high oak bourbon drinks. Toasted walnuts, black walnut hulls, black mission figs, and fresh vanilla beans are aged with a propriety blend of organic spices to create this masterpiece that will make any recipe extra special. Who needs a heavy dessert after a meal when you can enjoy a sleek Ageless Manhattan made with the perfect digestive butter!

(A:40%, W: 60%)

Aroma: Nutty, Earthy Sweet, Smokey Notes of Vanilla and Pepper  

Flavors: Bitter Dark Chocolate Notes, Toasted Nuts, Vanilla, Clove, Caramel Hints

Botanical Benefits: Digestive, Metabolism, Fiber, Anti-bloating

(2 oz. Dropper Bottle)