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Ageless Apothecary

White Peony & Hibiscus Loose Tea

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This botanical herbal blend is tasty as hot or as an iced tea.  The base ingredient is white peony tea leaves harvested in early spring to provide it with a fragrant floral flavor and sweet mild taste.  This is combined with Hibiscus, Sage, Jasmine Flower, Passion Flower, Raspberry Leaf. and Milk Thistle seed to round off the flavors and offer benefits that support Weight Management, Anxiety & Depression relief, Memory Boost, Mood Management, and an Energy Boost.

Available in 15 tea bags or Loose Tea (56 grams- 20-25 cups), Loose w/reusable strainer option

Although everyone experiences taste differently, the tasting notes below are a combination of basic herbal characteristics and feedback received during research & development. This is for general purposes only.

Aroma: Floral notes with spicy undertones
Color: Pale ruby red hue
Flavor: Light cranberry fruit, subtle sweetness, smooth & savory finish