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Ageless Apothecary

Sassy Red Rooibos Caffeine Free Adaptogenic Loose Tea

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Enjoy a delicious caffeine free tea without sacrificing the robust flavor! This organic herbal blend has the distinctive smooth nutty flavor of red rooibos tea combined with something special! The vanilla hints of Sarsaparilla root give this blend a naturally sweet flavor profile reminiscent of cream soda while providing poly phenols to assist in combating stress and beneficial properties for supporting connective tissues for your joints. Reishi and Turkey Tail Mushrooms round off this  blend to promote a natural energy contributing to an overall sense of well-being.

( Bags 15 count or Loose ~22-25 Servings)

Aroma: Earthy, Spiced Vanilla, Tobacco Notes

Color: Golden Dark Brown, Orange Hues

Flavor Profile: Smooth Herbal Flavor, Hints of Vanilla Cream Soda, Nutty Tannins