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Ageless Apothecary

Nettle Zing Caffeine Free Tea (Stinging Nettle Loose Tea Blend with Strainer)

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Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) has a long, healthy reputation and arrives every spring bringing more zing into your step with its detoxification & cleansing properties. This artisan blend also includes refreshing lime mint, antioxidants of rose hips, and anti-inflammatory benefits of calendula.  A special addition of burdock roots, fennel seeds, and galangal root not only gives the tea an extra zing but also provides digestion, circulation, and brain function support. 

 (15 Bags or in Loose Tea Form)

Though this blend is caffeine free.

Although everyone experiences taste differently, the tasting notes below are a combination of basic herbal characteristics and feedback received during research & development. This is for general purposes only.

Aroma: Sweet hay, grassy hints, light fennel spice, soft floral notes

Color: Medium green, light brown

Flavor: Earthy green, light & bright spicy-sweet zing, with a slightly tart finish, low tannins