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Ageless Apothecary

Ageless Apothecary Custom Order

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We are currently taking custom orders so if you are looking for a product that is not currently by our Apothecary, this is the choice for you. Price and lead times will vary depending on many factors, but please review the below details before purchasing this custom one of a kind service.

  • We often receive requests from our customers that are looking for a specific product, need a special ingredient, are trying to avoid a particular ingredient. Be sure to provide the details of your request such as the specific product and/or ingredients you are needing to be created for you as well as any symptoms, allergies, or avoidances. We will review your request and provide you the details of your custom order.
  • Ageless Apothecary will not create any products that infringe on copyrighted material or someone else's intellectual property. We take pride in creating one of a kind handcrafted products for our customers.
  • Depending on the product and quantities requested, your lead time (how long it will take between you placing the order and you receiving the order) can be anywhere from less than a week to a couple months. Ordering supplies takes time, and some products may need additional time before they are ready to be packaged and safely shipped. All details will be outlined after an initial planning conversation, and production will not begin until you agree on any of the specific details.

You will be charged the $25 custom order fee today, and then when product details are finalized and approved by you, we will issue you an invoice for the rest of the product fee or refund the difference depending on the product and request. Production will not begin until you have paid your invoice in full.