Balm Boom Coming Soon!

Balm Boom Coming Soon!

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis)

Having lemon balm in the herb garden is a staple not only for great summertime salads and marinades, but also for refreshing beverages and home remedies.  This lemon-scented herb comes from the same family as mint and offers so many great benefits to uplift your mood, relieve stress, improve focus, helps with anxiety, treats cold sores, supports immune system, relieves indigestion and has been known to help with headache pain and toothaches.

Our lemon balm is gathered right from the garden to make some tea and tinctures. The scent of lemon balm keeps me focused on work and helps to restore calmness when things get tense.  Of course, everyone responds to scents differently, but I encourage you to try our lemon balm tinctures and child friendly glycerites (ready in 6 weeks).  Before leaving for Alaska in July, I will make sure to have my Lemon Balm Lip Balm ready as well which helps sooth wind chapped lips as well.

~Ageless Apothecary~

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